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Joss stone

For Maggie. God it's really not near finished xD

Ohai, this is for Maggie and it didn't get anywhere very quickly cause I fail. I LOVE YOU!

"One more night like this and I swear..."

The young man pressed his fingers to his eyes and sighed quietly as the rain continued to pelt the window with a soft 'pink, pink, pink'. It was insane the way he hadn't been able to sleep the past few nights, no matter how hard he tried. His body had been thrumming with too much energy, like it was tonight, even when his brain was already far past giving out. It was always these states of being that sucked the most, because he couldn't even be productive or properly distract himself when he got like this. He shook his head in an attempt to clear his fogged up brain and made his way out of the kitchen, glass of water in hand. Time to attempt round three of sleep. He made his way up the stairs, not particularly worried about waking anyone, considering there wasn't anyone else in the house. His room mate had moved out a few months ago when she had gotten engaged and decided to live with her fiance. They're wedding was sometime soon; he'd have to double check when it was so that he could go.  It'd be a rather dick move to not go because of work or something like that after he had promised her that he would go. At least now her fiance wouldn't be paranoid about his intents and purposes, even though he still didn't seem to be a big fan of him.

The young man took a deep breath and let it out in the form of a sigh as he made his way into his bedroom, curling his toes in the plush carpet for a moment before heading toward his bed. Another sigh escaped him as the cool sheets began to engulf his body, promising to warm after he settled himself down. Leaning up on his arm, he took a long drink from the glass before putting it on the beside table, a momentary smile curling his lips as the picture frame caught his sight. There was a reason he had put it there; both so that it would be a reminder of happier times and a sharp reminder of how that was no longer going to be. He didn't torture himself with the picture, since he looked on it with affection most of the time, but even he would admit that there surely would've been a better place than his bedside table for it. He just... liked having it there. Even if he hadn't seen him in a little over two years. They hadn't really kept much contact except for the occasional email back and forth, but that was to be expected. They were both rather busy from the last email he had read from him, so it wasn't like he could hold it against him. The lack of contact did make him wonder a lot how he had been doing since all of the mess those two years ago, but he never asked about it. He didn't want to talk about painful things when they spoke for what little they did. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had a phone conversation with him. But the important part was that they were still friends, no matter how far apart they were. He was glad to have that if nothing else. A yawn escaped his lips, and his eyelids finally, thankfully, started to droop. A sleepy smile curled his lips as he drifted off, his mind going back to the days before he had moved away.


"Noah! Noah!"

The exclamations of his name stabbed through the collaborative murmur of voices conveying ideas back and forth on what to do with the next scene, what shot and lighting would be best, and the brunette was almost relieved. The repetitive questions and suggestions were starting to get old, and yes, while he was merely co-directing here, that didn't mean he particularly wanted to be involved in every intimate detail, right down to the fabric that was going to be used for the curtains in one scene. Excusing himself politely, Noah stepped away from the small group and jogged over to meet David, the director's assistant, half way. The poor man looked like he had just run a marathon and needed to sit down, but since he made  no move to find some place to sit, Noah didn't suggest it. He found out rather quickly that David could get really pissy about things like that on occasion. So instead he just let him do his own thing, only giving suggestions when it really seemed like they were needed. He gave David a couple moments before he said anything.

"What's up? You look like there's something big going down," Noah inquired, crossing his arms over his chest as David took his last few gulps of air he needed. "Or you just got chased through Vienna."

David shook his head and let out a puff of breath before speaking. "Someone's here to see you."

Noah frowned slightly, his eyebrows coming together in confusion.