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Joss stone

Random Little Scene: possible to turn into an idea. idk

"Men were never meant to live this long," he breathed as the sun, coming up over the horizon gently began to kiss his relaxed frame.

The very weight that statement bared, the emotion behind it, was like a thick, bitter-sweet syrup that seemed to choke all other thoughts and words that I could have possibly uttered. I could only watch the man before me as the sun slid up into the sky and danced along his skin; Skin I was certain should have burned at the very touch of day, but perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps he was right and all that I knew was an illusion. A lie. It was as though time stood still, standing on that rooftop, my eyes never leaving him while everything finally clicked into place. Of course, it didn't make sense at the time, but I was content with that for that moment. I wish now that I hadn't been. He turned his eyes on me, and I was suddenly taken aback; They were blazing bright green.

"We should go now, Osric," he said, the name leaving his lips in the oddest of ways as he turned away from the glowing orb that was still making it's ascent into the sky. "There's still a lot to be done."

I stayed there for a moment, watching his retreating form, as if I had known. I tried to memorize; anything and everything in a simple stare, but then his eyes found me again, accompanied by an amused half smile as he awaited me by the door that lead back into the apartment building. I blinked a couple of times and shook myself before following after him, never knowing that would be the last time I ever saw the light touch his skin.