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Joss stone

The Adventures of Sickyface

Okay, so I probably should have updated this during the weekend, but I was too lazy I guess. So, quite a few things have happened since the last post and oh my gosh I really wish some of them hadn't. The biggest thing was really on Wednesday, but I'll get to that later. Let's go ahead with the 'less important' things that went on. So, Thursday, I was completely out of it. There was no denying that I felt like total crapola. I guess that I was lucky Hewett let me sleep during fifth block. I think I would have died other wise. So, I stayed home Friday, feeling even worse, and then my mom called during the day to tell me to get ready cause she was taking me to the doctor. Doctor Alford is cool though, so it wasn't a big deal. So, we got there and sat for nearly a whole hourt. I was actually pretty patient, but this lady next to us just wouldn't shut up about how she had to do this that in the other and how she didn't have time to sit around in the doctor's office. I was tempted to tell her to just reschedule her dang appointment so we all didn't have to suffer with her.

So, anyway, we finally got back there and apparently I have a sinus infection. whoo, can't you just see me dancing [/sarcasm] Anyway, I have these purple and blue pills I have to take, which aren't so bad. At least they don't taste as crappy as the medication last time I got sick did. My head's been swimming a bit, but beyond that and a stuffed face and sore throat, I'm fine. I'm still talking funny, but that's not too much of a big deal. Sarah's sick too apparently. With what, I have no idea. She seemed pretty happy when I handed her a story of mine though this morning. Yeah, I'm trying my abilities with slash fiction. None other than Mcfly of course. She gave me the idea for it when I told her I wanted to try and write it eventually. I'll have to finish later, gotta go, bye.