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Joss stone

Not much to rant about for once, which is highly unusual. I still don't like math all that much. I'm taking what Mrs. Hill said though, "do it and you'll never have to see it again." Hopefully I'll do better when we go to take this retake quiz. I scored a 9/30, which is a twenty, in case you were wondering. Definitely not something I'm going to go flashing around. Math has always been my least favorite subject though, so it's no big surprise that I have the worse grades in there. I feel so bad for my cousin though because he's soooooo much worse off than I am at this point. They're probably going to hold him back and he's going to have to repeat his sophmore year. His parents aren't helping at all. His mom is constantly bringing him down and making him feel as though he's going to amount to nothing every chance she gets and his stepdad puts his real son on a pedastal and acts as if he's the most amazing thing to walk this earth while he ignores the other two.

Anyway, I'm going to get off that subject for now, before I go into a mad rant about things that I have no control over. I went to get my braces adjusted today and my friend, Sarah, is going to flip out. We're in the midst of plotting out a mcfly fic and I thought it would be funny if we put something about the song 'Five Colours in Her Hair', since that's one of our favorite songs by them and we consider it our song. Anyway, in the story, my character is going to have red, orange, and yellow in her hair, while Sarah's character is going to have blue and purple. So, anyway, I was mulling the story over in my mind in the orthodontist's office and I had an idea. I now have red, orange, and yellow braces! Yes, I'm a total dork, but I really don't care. Sarah's going to get a laugh out of it and I'm going to tell her that when she goes to  get her braces that she has to get purple and blue, so  that way we match Elliot and Dawn, considering that we are sort of basing the characters off of ourselves.

I now have seven days until my birthday and I can't wait! I'll finally be sixteen, though that's not really a big deal to me. A bunch of people flipped out when they found out that I wasn't going to have some extravagent birthday bash of some sort. In fact, I'm not even having a party. It just doesn't seem that important anymore. My mom's been asking me what I want for my birthday, but I honestly have no idea. I really would love to have Mcfly's fourth album for my birthday, but it's definitely not out yet. I already  have The Greatest Hits, so I might see if my mom will order their earlier cds for me. I would so love if someone would make me some kind of Mcfly graphic for my birthday as well. Preferably something with Harry or Tom. Danny would be nice too. I love his eyes and curls. Oh Oh! And a standalone would be amazing as well! La di da. Hmm, I have fourteen minutes to waste, since it's 9:46 and nothing to do.  I want to write, but I'm not really in the mood at the moment, so bah. I have to figure out what I'm doing about my one story right now though. I'm at a part that Sarah really wants me to write, but I can't really seem to find the inspiration. If anyone knows where I can get some inspiration for writing an 'eye sex' scene, which is actually this chick doing a mind trick on the boys, let me know, because I'm lacking.

I'm now down to ten minutes. I've been listening to Mcfly all morning. I don't think that's really anything new, but it's just odd that I haven't been flipping through the songs, being picky as usual. I'm debating on who's voice I like best : Tom, Danny, or Dougie. Harry's definitely not a bad singer, but that might just be because he's my favorite. I know Danny definitely has my favorite accent our of the four of them. Then it's Dougie and I don't know after that. I just got back into my roleplaying and right now, I have a character with Danny as a face and then one with Tom. Ack, why does desktop have to be so chaotic? It's too freaking noisy in here to concentrate and everyone wants to read over your shoulder. That irks me so badly. Maybe that's why I don't like working on my stories in this class. Six minutes and counting. Ergh. I have no idea where Annie is and it's really getting one my nerves. Robby is being a pain in the rear, but that's nothing new. In fact, it's kinda cute, but that's probably because that's just how we flirt. Ricky wouldn't buy me Goldfish. :( They were ranch too. I tried to steal his soda, since he told me to hold it, but he saw it in my hoodie, so I gave it back. He probably would've 'attacked' me otherwise. He's weird. Off to Fogle's though I guess. I <3 Mrs. Fogle.